Andrew Woods is a powerful force for good in the Seattle improvised-&-innovative music situation. His latest release, Andrew Woods's's Unscheduled Return, may be examined here:

In recent past lives, Andrew boogied all over the boundaries between audience and performer with hEEnD, proved that an improvising dance-prog duo was a perfectly reasonable idea with Neon Brown, (not to mention FallingDownTime), kept the Ballard neighborhood supplied with high-energy collective improv twice a month for five or six years with Neon Brown Presents / Juggler's Challenge at Mr Spot's Chai House, and now leads the Woodland Experimental Groove Orchestra (WEGO), whose danceworthy improvised acoustic adventures may be dug freely at

He has also built many strange and wonderful instruments for himself and others, and he has written a number of beautiful songs and off-kilter electric epics. A constant stream of his musical adventures may be found at his various soundcloud pages:

Andrew's first solo album, "Neon Grey," consists of acoustic re-arrangements of some of his best songs, and several excellent improvisations. You can check it out here:

An in-depth interview with Andrew Woods can be read here:

more Andrew Woods for your life: