John Norwood is a songwriter, singer, guitar player and screenwriter and all-around supersweet dude from the state of Tennessee, USA, Earth.

John's first full-length album, Music From The Motion Picture 'Awesome', came out last year. He released it himself. It was recorded in one day in Echo Park, CA, at Catasonic Studios (a soul-oasis in the plastic desert). 5-Track played guitar and did the mixing. It's a tight little record. The band is never less than "on". Every song on it should be a hit. And especially "Hangin Out And Drinkin Cold Beers" should be a hit. (But don't take OUR word for it ... go listen!)

John's NEXT full-length album, "TENNESSEE SUSHI", came out in June 2012 on Cosmic Primitive. 5-Track is back on guitar & some bass. Scott Keil is back on the drums and found-object percussion. Newcomers include Alex Maslansky (bass), Alex Volz (guitar) and Olentangy John (banjo). We can say with certainty that Tennessee Sushi will present the listener with an unusual mix of flavors.