Marc Cantlin II lives in the northeastern United States with his family, many musical instruments, small domestic creatures and an ever-changing roster of recording equipment. He is presently a behind-the-garage musician.

Marc's most recent release is DUST STORMS may exist, a collaboration with The Walking FacesMarc has also recorded the solo free-funk album SPLEEK-O-MATIC SPEAKS!!! (read all about it at Perfect Sound Forever) and GUSTY WINDS may exist (DUST STORMS is a sequel of sorts), a collaboration with Seattle improv troupe Underground Weather. You may find Marc on performing with Neon Brown Presents and with the band called Bruce.

Marc's other recent-ish sounds include his cover of 5-Track's "I Don't Want To Lose This Moment" for Binary Stars Split Single #2, 3 Moments Til Dawn& the One Per Whenever project of 2010


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