Snoose Junction is an improvised-music collective based primarily in Seattle, WA, USA, Earth. The founding members are John Foss (electric air kazoo, guatemalan coffee pickers' hat), John Leighton Beezer (electric guitar, bass), 5-Track (electric guitar, bass) and Evan Strauss (bass), but the group makes it a point to feature a different line-up every time they perform, if possible. In this way the instrumentation, personal dynamic and overall sound of the group become a part of the improvisation.

Snoose Junction's two most noteworthy tangible achievements are probably their year-long weekly residency at Mr Spot's Chai House (defunct) in the Ballard neighborhood (defunct) of Seattle (kickin') and their performance on KEXP's Sonarchy Radio (the show is available as a free download for your listening pleasure) which featured two electric guitars, two basses (including one upright), a drummer and a singer. While each member had played with each of the others on one or more prior occasions, they had never played together before in that configuration, and they never have since.

A number of offshoots both more and less stable have developed from or around the Snoose Junction experience. These might be said to include Gerry Amandes' Greenwood Posse, the Echo Parks Department, Zoomsquad and Abalone Sandwich and possibly a few others. Several members of Snoose Junction have gone on to co-found other improv groups in other cities (Evan Strauss' "Yggdrasil In The Skunk Ape Moment", 5-Track's "Floating Other"), and a number of Snoose Junction members have also played in improv groups assembled by Andrew Woods (who has also played with Snoose Junction at various times).